AuditionOnline Logo edit
Dance Game, MMODG
Developer(s) T3 Entertainment
Publisher(s) Yedang Online
Released NA April 2, 2007
EU 2004
Genre(s) Music Online Game
Platform(s) Windows
System requirements Intel Pentium III 1 GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, ~1GB Hard disk space, ATI Radeon 7000 or GeForce 2 Series GPU, 56kbit/s internet connection, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse

Audition Online (Korean: 오디션 온라인), also known as Dancin' Paradise in Japan, is a downloadable multiplayer online casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. It was originally released in South Korea in 2005, but it has been localized by various publishers around the world including North America which is marketed by Nexon Corporation. Audition Online is free to play but it earns its revenue by selling virtual items such as clothes for the player's avatar.

In South Korea, PSP (called Audition Portable) and cellphone versions were released on June 1, 2007 and June 4, 2007 respectively.
As of June 12, 2008, Korean Audition is now Audition Season 2. Audition season 2 features a new interface, sound system, expressions, and more!


Audition Online first originated as a popular comic, called Audition, that is read by young adults of South Korea. With the inspiration of the comic, T3 Entertainment created Audition Online alongside with Yedang Online. The game originated in South Korea, where Audition Online gained its popularity. As popularity increased, T3 Entertainment and Yedang Online began localizing the game in other regions including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, North America, Thailand, Taiwan, South East Asia, Vietnam, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Remaining European Countries including publishers who licensed the game in Europe. Audition was also released to a "global" audience at one point, which largely consisted of American and Vietnamese players. Updates to Global Audition were stopped due to hacking and so the server was shut down. Audition Korea continues to be the most updated version with a very large support base and weekly updates.

Audition Online is free to play, using the popular Virtual Asset Sales which is a cash shop system that allows users to use real money to purchase in-game clothes, accessories, etc. to dress up their avatars. The game is similar in effect to Bust A Groove but because this game features online connectivity, it is referred to as a multiplayer online casual game.
Electronic Times Internet, an IT news website, reported that Audition reached 50 million registered users in China, with 500,000 concurrent players. Baidu, a Chinese search engine, revealed that Audition ranks first in all its searches, and is ahead of games like Crazyracing Kartrider and World of Warcraft.


Audition's popularity began in South Korean and Global versions of the game. As popularity increased, more and more users signed up for the South Korean and Global servers. Due to hacking in the Global server, Bugs Corporation discontinued the server and most of the users migrated over to the South Korean servers. As more users joined the South Korean servers, T3 Entertainment and Yedang Online began localizing the game in other regions including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, North America, Thailand, Taiwan, South East Asia, Vietnam, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Remaining European Countries. In the Asian servers, the popularity of Audition has increased rapidly with millions of users on every localized region.

In North America, the popularity has increased rapidly due to commercials aired on MTV Networks and also being number three on Seventeen Magazine's list of hot summer to do list.

Gameplay FeaturesEdit

A person makes a room, chooses whether it is password protected or not, and then people join that room. The 'DJ' (the person who creates the room) then selects a song (e.g. "Beautiful Liar"), some of the time according to the other peoples wishes. The DJ also selects a background, such as basketball court and then selects the type of game. (later explained in this article). The songs have different tempos, faster ones like "Magic World" (185bpm) and "Love Mode" (190bpm) being harder to follow and slower ones like "Don't Give Up/Can't Dismiss/I Cannot Abandon It/Can't Throw It Away" (84bpm) being easier.

By following the arrows displayed on the screen (with the exception of red Chance arrows, which the player must do the opposite of), and pressing spacebar or the control key on the 4th beat, the player may gain a score of MISS, BAD, COOL, GREAT or PERFECT. The character will dance on the screen respectively to how well the player scored. As you go on, the number of moves changes to the level you're on. The person who currently has the highest score will be dancing in the front centre. The position is swapped once someone else tops that person's score.
A special move during most gameplay modes is the "Finish Move". If a person does not miss the move before it, they have the option to do the "Finish Move". Finish moves issue a lot of points and can often be the key to success.
When a player does 2 or more PERFECTs consecutively, he will get bonus points for doing so. These PERFECT combos (Or "Perfect chains" as some call it) enables players to interfere with the opposition. A blue circle indicated you made a perfect in your move, and thus acts as a shield. When a player does a perfect X1, (or perfect X2 in some cases 'quote'), they will make the other player, which has a standing either in front or behind them, receive a yellow circle. While under the yellow circle, points will not be given if that person doesn't hit a perfect (in a finish move it reduces a percentage rather than the whole move). The person with the most points at the end of the dance battle will land first place. Each player will receive experience points, and Den/BEATS according to what place they resulted in. Players can increase their points by playing 'chance'. This can be activated by pressing the delete key or the . key on the number pad whereby red keys appear and players have to press in the opposite direction of the red keys.
If a single/group game (not including NPC, One-Two Party and Beat Up modes) is full, while also having the music set to random, a random event will occur. This is where bonuses are given if you accomplish a certain challenge. Examples are not getting a specific beat judgment (e.g. no COOLs or no BADs), getting perfect combos (e.g. PERFECT X3), or getting a standing (e.g. getting number 1). The music can be random, random(new), or random from any range of tempos.
Chance levels (Korean audition as of January 14th, 2008)

There are chance levels from 1 till 6. The DJ can choose if he/she wants the players in his/her room to use no chance, lvl 1-6 chance, free chance ,which will make the players able to choose their own chance level, or ? chance ,which will randomly select a level. Level 1 chance gives you 1 red key and level 6 chance will give you 6 red keys. The higher the chance level you choose, the greater amount of points you gain.

Fashion ShopEdit

In similar fashion to many of the Microtransaction based online games, Audition features an item shop in which players may customize the look of their character. Players may choose from a variety of hairstyles, shirts, pants, shoes, faces, and miscellaneous items (not all items are available in every edition of Audition). The in-game rewards system is called Den, or Beats in the American version of Audition. In every game in which a player competes against or with another player, a Den/Beat reward is given at the end of the song as long as a player achieves a rank higher than miss on a certain amount of bars (amount of bars required varies between each mode). Players may redeem this Den/Beats for the clothes and accessories in the Fashion Shop.

In addition to Den/Beats, players may use the Cash system. By purchasing Cash through Audition's online payment system, players may buy Cash items in the Fashion Shop. Many of the items in the Fashion Shop are only available if bought with Cash. Different forms of payment are used to get cash, including PayPal, M-Payment, and various Prepaid Card and Code systems.

Game ModesEdit

Single Modes
Essentially a Free for All where each individual plays and competes to be the best in the dance room. You can start these :modes as a single player, although you will not get experience points or Den/Beats upon doing so.
Practice Mode
Allows new players to enhance their timing skills with a special guide on the rhythm bar on the first few measures. The measures only appear between Levels 1-5, and there is no finish move. When the rhythm bead passes through the fourth beat it isn't considered a miss in this mode and the player can press the space bar on the next measure. This mode is available in entry or Stiffy/Poser-exclusive servers only.
Practical 8
Some servers allow players to practice using 8 key dance moves with an exclusive practice mode. This is the same as the former Practice Mode, except you have to enter commands using the Numpad because there are going to be 8 directions (diagonals). It is available on most Free/Novice/Bopper servers. (Free)
Normal Individual
Normal individual (also called as Free Mode) is actually a mix of Freestyle and Choreography. The player proceeds higher each level by entering a dance move starting from Level 1 to Level 7, and proceeds to Freestyle. After a number of Freestyle moves the player proceeds to Level 8 and 9, and then Freestyle2. Freestyle allows entering of Level 6 and 7 commands, while Freestyle2 restricts to Level 8 and 9 commands. After Freestyle2 a player can do up to three Finish Moves. Anytime between the song the player can change from 4 keys to 8 keys and vice-versa using the Insert key, thus the name Free Mode.
Choreography (4)
All players dance entering just one command, in effect dancing the same steps (thus the name Choreography). Only 4 key commands will be used in this mode. Upon missing a measure, you are penalized and cannot dance the next step.
Expert Choreography
As the name implies, it adds in 8 key commands to the mix. Same penalty occurs when you miss. The Finish Move is always in 8 keys.
SYNC-8/Choreography (8)
An exclusive 8 key mode that starts with Level 6. All players will enter the same command, thus being "Synchronized", hence the name SYNC-8. This is basically Choreography with only 8 keys.
Dynamic-4 / Dynamic-8
A dance style similar to choreography in which dancers also get to do Freestyle moves (worth more points than normal) in rotation. As the numbers indicate, this mode may be played in 4 key or 8 key. Freestyle moves can be performed in either 4 keys or 8 keys (can be changed using the Insert key). If you miss a measure before your Freestyle turn you are penalized and thus you cannot perform a Freestyle.
Dancers progress through all of the levels by inputting commands of their choice. Basically this is for showing off a routine that you created. Consecutive Perfects will progress the player quicker, while Bads will leave the player on the level he/she is on. You can do up to three Finish Moves if you Perfect all of them.
Alternative name: [Sync© Mode] or [Crazy11] or [Dance Battle]
This mode features 4key and 8key variants in which the initial portion of the game is exactly like Choreography or Sync8 (respectively), except it begins at Level 6 rather than Level 1, and does not stop after the Level 9 Finish Move. Upon completing the finish, Crazy Dance Mode begins to shine.
Players are given Level 10 and Level 11 bars following the normal finish. A Crazy Meter appears that slowly builds depending on whether or not the player can complete a measure by frequently landing Perfect or Great. Level 10 consists of 10 arrows, and consequently Level 11 is 11 arrows. After Level 10 and 11, players must do a Crazy Move - which is essentially another Finish move for these Level 10 and 11 moves. This Crazy Move consists of 11 arrows, one of which is a 'Chanced' arrow (a Red one). In addition to the points given for the Crazy Move, a bonus score is added from how far the player has built their Crazy Meter, and another bonus if all the players complete the Crazy Move with the Crazy meter at max. The mode repeats in the way Choreography would - returns to Level 6, builds to the finish after Level 9, proceeds to Level 10 and Level 11, and finishes with the Crazy Move. The points accumulated on the crazy bar will only be added to the total score if the player does the Level 11 Finishing Move.
One-Two Party
Similar to the game Space Channel 5, this game mode features NPCs showing the players directions in tune to the music, then the players must copy those moves along to the same beat to score points. In this mode, players have to listen to the numbers that they say. For example, if they say "8,6,6,4,2" then you have to press 8,6,6,4,2 on the same rhythm that they said it. Sometimes at the end they will say "go" or "yeah". When they say "go", you have to press the space bar or the Ctrl key, and when they say "yeah" you have to press insert, 0 or 5. A dance simulation will commence after a stage, where the moves of the dancer and the corresponding arrows will show up.
Beat Up Mode 4-key or 6-key
Similar to the classic Pump It Up, Beat Up Mode is a mode in which six directions of arrows (corresponding to 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9 on the numpad, automatic 4 & 6 in 4-key mode) are displayed and players must hit keys matching the arrows when they come in contact with the central area; they must also watch the bar at the bottom and hit Space (or Ins/5/Ctrl key) in a strong beat (usually every 8) to get their character dancing. There is also a chance portion in each song, where the user may hit delete or 0 for some red arrows, scoring a double perfect for each one if they do not hit it. In addition, there is a shortened lane mode, where by hitting enter on the numPad, shortens the lane in which the arrows appear, making the left and right lanes farther apart and the arrows appear quicker. This mode adds bonus score compared to not using the mode, and is executed by pressing enter in the num lock keyboard. Players score combos for each successful hit, which are perfect, great, or cool. Bad hits do not affect combo, while scoring a miss will deduct 10 from the combo score. After successfully achieving a 100 combo, players enter "Beat Up!", where all scores are increased until a miss is hit, where the combo is start over from 0 again. When players hit the 400 combo mark, they enter a second "Beat Up!" mode, symbolized by its blue BU button. Players rack in even more score for each arrow they hit correctly, while the combo will reset to 0 once a player gets a miss.
License Mode
Before a player can gain experience after gaining a level (starting at level 6) in Audition Online, this player must pass a "License Test." This mode takes the player to a new room and shows them a required score, a required amount of perfects, and a required perfect combination that must be acquired within the time constraints of the song. The gameplay is almost exactly the same as Normal Individual, except for the fact that if it takes an extra measure or two to complete a move, the difficulty level does not drop (only the finish move can't be done in more than one measure). If the goal is met, the player receives a set amount of beats, but if the player fails, he/she loses a set amount of beats and must try again (and pass) before receiving any more experience.
Beat RUSH (Released in Korean Audition as of June 12, 2008)
The players are given four bars filled with arrows and space bars formed in a oval shape. On the bottom locates a bar with circles and question marks called the rush meter. Later arrows are revealed representing from the above four bars. A white ball rushes through the oval. The Players then begin to enter these sequences in order. Inputting the arrows accordingly and on time will result in a better score. The timing in which the players start entering each beat, which are labeled: Miss, Okay, Nice, and Excellent, is tallied up to judgment levels: Miss, Bad, Cool, Great, and Perfect! If a player hits a wrong arrow or miss the beat, they must skip that arrow and move on or will result in more misses. The player must hit the final beat arrow to get a score and a dance move. There are rare occasions when players are given double beat rush sequences, thus having to fill in two or three dance move sequences without taking breaks. Combos help fill up the rush meter. Should the player fill up the Rush Meter on the bottom of the screen, he/she will be given a bonus sequence in which he/she must rapidly press the Control keys to get bonus points.

Group ModesEdit

These modes utilize the Singles Mode but add the element of teamwork into the mix. Teams are Red and Blue and must consist of the same number of players on each team.
Normal Group
This is Team-oriented Normal Individual mode. Players on each team take turns performing dance moves in order to increase the level of dance moves. If one person misses, the dance moves are reset back to the corresponding level as in Single Normal Individual.
Despite the name of the mode, this is the Team-oriented version of Freestyle. The difference is that, although the members have free rein over what move to perform, the members of each team must perform the same move (hence the title). If not, the turn is considered a miss (points are still added however) and the next turn is skipped. It is easiest to determine what keys to press at what time beforehand.
Dance Battle The method of completing arrow sequences is the same as the Single Mode Dance Battle, except bonus points are awarded to all players on one team if they all complete their Crazy Finish move at the same time.
'B-Boy Battle (4) or (8)
A team dance-off, one individual dancer on one team will perform a Freestyle move, then that move will appear for the opposing team and they will have to memorize then input it to 'counter' the move and score points. If a team member presses delete/0 on their turn after performing a freestyle, the team does a Team Move, and the other team will have to memorize the move while flipping 3 red chance arrows in their head, making it much more difficult to do. Successfully memorizing and countering moves increases a counter on the top corners of the screen. It takes one full bar on this meter to do a Team Move while it takes 5 bars accumulated throughout the battle to steal the Den won by the other team. This mode is available in 4 key or 8 key variants, with 4key starting at level 6 and 8key starting at level 8.
Couples Mode / Expert Couples Mode
A dance in which a male and female pair up and hit the same notes; if they both score a perfect (sync perfect), they get a heart. Getting 3 more hearts than the opponent team(s) will allow your characters to hug during the results screen, while getting 5 more will allow them to kiss. If a couple gets at least 5 hearts, they have the option to become a 'couple' in-game if both players have passed their license test. Again, this mode has 4key, 8key, and a combination of the two. This mode is available for either 2 or 3 couples, with the 1st and 2nd couples being red and blue and the 3rd couple being green. The couple with the highest score wins, even if they do not have the most hearts.
Night Dance Mode (4) or (8)
Each team and each player progresses through Levels 6 - 9 and then proceeds to do 1 Freestyle for each levels 6 - 8, 2 Freestyle for level 9, and finally ends with a finish move.
This mode could be considered the true group version of Choreography - every player is given the same bar on every turn. What makes Night Mode unique (aside from a stage background exclusive to the mode) is that misses do not incur a penalty. If a player misses, they may resume dancing immediately after. This makes the mode much more upbeat and exciting to play.
This mode is also available in a "Girls vs Boys" mode, in which girls are on one team, boys on the other. At the end of the "Girls vs Boys" mode, the winning team will be awarded a bonus that a roulette provides for them. After the bonus is given, the losing team will be made to do something funny, from bowing to the opposing team to being dressed as penguins, depending on the award chosen by the roulette.
Dynamic (4) or (8)

Like the single dynamic, two teams square off at each other while taking turns to do their freestyle and choreographed moves. It is exactly the same as single-player dynamic except for the fact that the scores account for the team score. Missing does not affect your partners in any way.

Sync (4) or (8)

Sync (4) or (8) is played exactly like a choreography game, in which each player plays for him/herself. But the individual scores of each player (in the team) are added up and used for the final team score. The team with the highest score wins and losing DOES NOT affect the partner-he/she can continue playing.

Club Dance

Three boys and three girls face off in club dance. If they pick each other using the F1, F2, and F3 keys, they do a couple dance, where they can win hearts, which ends with a finish move. If you do not get picked you do regular choreograph instead of couple dance. Available in 4k and 8k. In this mode, if you gain 3 or more hearts with your couple and achieve a win status after the game. You can have a chance to offer a couple proposal.

Club Dance II (In Korean Audition as of April 3rd, 2008)

[Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] Three boys and three girls face off in club dance while earning hearts. The players will take turns (depending on gender) to freestyle and rate the person with F1, F2, and F3 keys with F1 being the best giving 2 hearts and F3 being the worse giving 0 hearts. Then they have the chance to propose someone for the rest of the dance. If you do not pick or do not get picked it's considered a lose. Then the pair will get the chance to dance and earn hearts through synchro perfects and greats, however if in any time does a partner miss, the standard choreo penalty applies to the other partner as well. Doing finish move, syncro perfects and greats will give your partner 1-10 hearts. Everyone that pairs up wins. The pair with the most combined hearts is considered the "Best Couple" and gets 100 extra den. You can have a chance to offer a couple proposal after earning a certain amount of hearts.

Wedding Party

After a successful proposal in Couples Dance, couples are allowed to get married in-game by accumulating 5 kisses, one per day, in this mode. The groom-to-be will then have to purchase a cash-shop item (a ticket), the Wedding License. Every ticket allows the couple 3 tries. Every try failed would decrease the expectations of the license. Then they would need to pass the Wedding License and finish the wedding party song. The couple will then be considered "married" and have a ring icon on the top left of their avatar.

Love Party

[Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] After you get married in the Wedding Party Mode. You can licensing your couple license in Love Party Mode. This mode use ballroom dance mode, instead of normal couple dance. Level of the Couple ranging from Sweet to Sugar and many more. The Rules of license couple is similar to Wedding Party, you must complete The Perfect, The Synchro Perfect, and score. TO enter the Love Party Mode, you must purchase a cash-shop item, called The Love Party Ticket

Ballroom Dancing (Changes and Patches In Korean Audition as of July 2007)

[Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] The Ballroom Dance mode requires at least two couples to start. (There could be only one couple but they would get no beats or exp.)In the pre-game room, all other characters in the room are blacked out similar to the concept of a masquerade ball. There are two variations of Ballroom Dance, the first one with the Change Partner feature, and the other without the said feature. As the name implies, this mode emulates a ballroom dance party. There are several Ballroom appropriate songs to choose from in the game, with the songs fixed on what type of dance it is. (EG: Opera is Cha-cha-cha, Can-can Acoustic Mix is Boogie/Jive, etc)

Ballroom Dance mode works similarly to Choreography singles / Sync-8 singles. The game starts at Step 1 working its way to Step 4, increasing an arrow with each Step. When a player's partner misses, the next move to be done is shown as a Couples move. This symbolizes the aspect of ballroom wherein if a partner loses his/her pace a player is able to "Lead the Dance". A purple aura will surround the partners when this happens. Additional points are given to a player if he/she is able to "Lead the Dance" successfully. Landing a perfect judgment at the same time with your partner (also known as Synchro Perfect) will give them Ballroom points, shown on the upper part of the screen. Partners stop dancing if they miss at the same time. A player is required to complete the measure to ensure that their avatars will keep on dancing.

The Ballroom mode that has the Change Partner feature conceals the Ballroom score of all players. Aside from gaining Ballroom scores from Synchro Perfects with other players, a player can also give additional points to the partner prior to the "Change Partner" phase using the CTRL key. This is supposed to commend him/her of a good dance. The Ballroom score is concealed to all, including a player's own score, so a player does not know if his/her partner has given him/her a point.

At the end of the round, the player with the highest combined game score wins, while the highest scoring male and the highest scoring female based on Ballroom scores will be the Party King and Queen respectively. If two or more players have the same highest Ballroom score, the Party King / Queen is decided with the game score. Their outfits will change into a tuxedo for men, and a brown dress for women. This outfit remains intact with the avatar as long as they keep the "Party King or Queen" status and stay in the room. It is removed once a player wearing it goes out of the game room. They will dance wearing the said outfits.
Disconnecting from the game replaces your character with an NPC. A player playing with an NPC in Ballroom dance mode is required to "Lead the Dance" for the rest of the game, but if he/she misses their avatars are still dancing. The NPC will not get any points so don't get your hopes up for your partner disconnecting.
Ballroom Dance mode later went into a complete overhaul about 3 weeks after it was released. The mode was streamlined to be more akin to be like couples mode and now a single couple could play alone although they can't attain the dance king/queen title when they are dancing alone. Clovers are earned in the same fashion as synchro perfects and clovers are the first deciding factor to being the king/queen followed by points and finally combos and perfects earned. Although when the king/queen dances with someone else other than each other, its becames Masquerade ball mode where Lead the Dance ability becomes optional for either players. However Ballroom points is not visible under Masquerade Mode.
key Ballroom Dance is available as of July 4, 2007.
Special BBoy mode (In Korean Audition as of June 20th, 2007)

[Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] Basically its like BBoy, only there's an attacking team, and a defending team, and after a "level" they will switch. Depending on which mode you play (1:1, 2:2, or 3:3) You'll have different moves and play styles. There is 4key and 8key modes, and chance is available. There is also a pace bar up top just like NPCs. To move it, you must land Perfect moves. The player or team with the higher pace will attempt a special/routine finish for bonus points.

This is the last mode on the list of modes. In the room, you can choose between the 3 different modes and the slots will open or close accordingly. There is also a button in the middle which allows you to pass on the "Leader" role. The default leaders are the first DJ spot, and the one to the right of it.
 (S)(L) <- DJ spot
(S) (L)
L = Leader
S = Sub
Move Turn - This team will do moves normally like in BBoy, except the entire team plays, not just 1 person at a time.
Defend Turn - This turn varies depending on what role you play as.
The sub players basically do the "memorizing" part of BBoy. Only difference is, you are given the first 4 keys and the rest are "????"s.
Memorize bar = (^)(<)(>)(v)(?)(?)(?)
When it's your turn to press the keys, the first 4 will be "????" and the rest will be revealed.
Play bar = (?)(?)(?)(?)(^)(^)(>)
As for the leader's defend move, 3 different rows of moves will be displayed. However, two of them will be grayed out and you will be required to play the colored bar. Also, if this mode is played in 8k, the normal individual moves will be Crazy 11 moves (or 10, not sure) whereas if it were played in 4k, it will be level 9 moves. This could be a bug or it could be intended.
1:1 - "Leader Battle" - a mode where all you do is BBoy from levels 7 to 9, switching off between move turns and normal individual defend turns, then the finish move (the person with the higher pace will get bonus points from landing finish move), all normal looking moves.
2:2 - "Sub Battle" - a mode where the "subs" play (no leader) and its pretty much the same as 1:1, but with memorize style defend turns, and routine finishes to the team with the higher pace if all players on that team can clear the finish move.
3:3 - "Team Battle" - A combination of the first 2. Each team has 1 leader and 2 subs. They basically rotate between 3 rounds: a team battle, a sub battle, and a leader battle. The play style is still the same but if one team's bar is higher than the others (roughly 70% or higher on their side), they will attempt a routine finish when the finish move round begins. If the whole team hits the finish move, then they will perform the routine finish and the team will be awarded a bonus with their finish move points. If any person misses the finish move, the routine fails, but the other players that do land the finish move will still get their finish move points. If the bar is completely even when the finish move round comes, both teams will attempt a routine finish.
Since this mode just started up, there are glitches. Sometimes the subs' defend turns lag and they end up not memorizing the move and playing it normally.

Battle Party ModesEdit

In all of these modes a certain number of people are allowed to gamble in-game credits for chance to beat a certain number of NPCs. If the players beat the NPCs they end up with much more money than they gambled, if they lose everyone loses their gambled credits.

Battle Party

A team of five players takes on a single AI-controlled NPC, wagering a varied amount of Den/Beats, depending on the level of the NPC difficulty. If their total score beats the increased score of the NPC, they win Den/Beats; if not, they don't get anything. In Korean Audition, American Audition, and SEA, AuditionPH there is the option to take on three NPCs in a row; if you beat all of them without losing a match, the reward is much higher. However, the matches get exponentially harder in comparison with single NPCs. The first two games are 4 Key, and the last game 8 Key. You must be level 6 to enter Battle Parties. Be careful because the NPCs can be very hard. And you may lose Den/Beats. Also if you haven't already beaten an npc, they give you 9x reward what the "need" is.

Couples Battle Party

This mode allows two teams of 'couples' to face off against a pair of NPC Couple.

Beat Up Battle Party (In Korean Audition as of June 27th, 2007; In American Audition as of June 4, 2008)

[Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] Beat Up Battle Party is just what the name says, you play beat up with 4 other people against an NPC. There is a Chance mode which makes the arrow hit spot wider which gives you less time to hit the keys. The amount this mode adds depends on the levels (ex. 1.3x score for level 1 songs, 1.5x score for level 2 songs, etc.) You can activate this mode by hitting Enter on the numpad. There is also the regular chance mode (decimal on the numpad or delete) which you can activate when it asks you to before the finish move.

Union Battle Party
(In Korean Audition as of September 19th, 2007; In American Audition as of July 1, 2008)

[Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] Union Battle Party is a battle party of which a team of 3 people attempt to win against a team of 3 NPCs. All the modes are in team. Team Choreography, Sync-4, Sync-8, Dynamic-4, Dynamic-8, Night 4 Direction, Night 8 Direction, Special B-Boy 4-key, Special B-Boy 8-key, Dance Battle 4-key and Dance Battle 8-key. You may only play the mode Team Choreography, Sync-4, Sync-8 and Dynamic-4; all other modes are enabled after reaching amateur rank.

Other ModesEdit

Story Mode [Note: This mode is not fully available in all editions of Audition Online] Story Mode is a game mode that consists of missions that are continued by stories. Players are given different tasks for each mission. By completing a mission, players will be awarded prizes (such as Den or experience points) and will be able to continue the story they are on. Missions can be repeated. The first set of missions require you to play against NPC(s) and to meet certain requirements (ex. get a x4 perfect chain). Later on, some missions will require players to play in rooms with other people and also meet certain requirements (ex. be 2nd place).


Profanity in song lyrics

In some Audition Online editions including Audition Philippines, AuditionSEA, and Audition America; profanity was removed or censored from the lyrics of some songs. This profanity was found on numerous Audition songs, including songs produced for the game itself. In most cases, these songs were either remixed, or censored. Although most songs were censored, Nexon decided to completely remove some offending songs from Audition America. These changes were brought about in order for the game to retain a content rating suitable for ages 10+ which is supposed to be Audition Online's main market. However, numerous songs added by Nexon themselves contain profanity.
Audition America's Story Mode
In comparison to other Audition Online editions, Nexon's version of 'Story Mode', translation errors aside, has over-challenging NPC's throughout the beginning chapters [1-20], although Story Mode is available to those who reach level 6. Because of the lack of core Audition songs, due to issues with profanity in lyrics, or whether it be the copyright issues due to a used chorus, majority of the songs that are used in their place are too fast, or off sync for the average player to complete. It is unknown whether Nexon planned to enable Story Mode with this difficulty, or not.
Song wipe out in Audition Southeast Asia
Originally majority of the songs played in Audition Southeast Asia edition were Korean songs until a patch on July 27, 2007.[1] All Korean songs were removed by AsiaSoft "due to complications arising from international songs licensing limitation".[2] AuditionSEA was left with only songs by Audition and Milk. Momentarily, songs by Milk and Rain were played in the Lobby, but were later removed and replaced with Audition songs once more by a patch after the song removal notice. Rain's lobby songs were unplayable at that time. Milk's songs were also removed due to the end of the contract between Milk's agency and Asiasoft. The removal of the songs is the company's due respect for the copyrights of the songs writers and composers as stated in Compass website.[1]
Song changes in Audition America
One issue that was at hand was the song changes found in Audition America. Aside from the songs that were removed, other songs, despite being owned by Audition were removed as they had remixes of artists such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, DJ Kool, Jay-Z and the late ODB, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls. As a result some of the licenses and battle parties have different songs compared to a majority of the other Audition Online edition. Because of the song changes, players who played existing versions of the game felt the NPC Battle Mode to be unbalanced due to the programming of the NPCs remaining unchanged. Further more, Nexon seems to be putting no effort to make replacement mixes which may affect the Beat Up and Team Choreo Battle party release as many Audition mixes having Korean lyrics on them.[citation needed]
Price changes for outfits in Audition America
Another drastic change in Audition America was the removal of certain popular outfits in Audition for reasons unknown, but possibly related to cultural reasons. Some of the outfits removed are the Autumn Outfit sets for girls and guys as well as the Ancient Korean outfit. Also, the pricing for other outfits were also changed for example, hip hop jeans which now cost 25000 Beats or otherwise known as Dens (another currency in Audition Online) was originally priced at 3000 Beats. Also, compared to Korean NPCs in NPC Battle Party. The den earned for winning afford den outfits.
Third party programs
Like any other online games, players encounter hackers who cheat to win. This includes the perfect chain spam bot; where the player always gets a cumulative perfect score and the BBoy hack; where the keys do not disappear and doesn't need to be memorized. There also exists a beat-up hack, a hack that allows six accounts in one computer, a hack that allows players to play removed songs, a perfect line hack and a hack that could increase the player's exp ten times. Every version had people that use third party programs.
Advertisements in Audition Korea
Compared to the rest of the Audition series, Audition Korea has perhaps the biggest amount of advertisement promotions throughout its entire run. Ranging from replacing the Audition symbol with its current sponsor (Basic House, Sunkist) to more direct ones like Demi-Soda (where the winner in team choreo and non special modes would open up a can of Demi-Soda and drink it. Also there was the ad at the end of the song). T3 Entertainment also sells some real life merchandise based on Audition as well as Outfits based on real life converted into Audition form.
Royalty free song licensing issues in Audition Southeast Asia
There have been reported eight royalty-free songs created by their respective artists that are featured in this Audition service under the artist name, Audition. AsiaSoft had reported that they went under an agreement with BeatBox Music Properties Ltd. to purchase these song licenses.[3] Although the songs remain in the service, the artist names have not been changed.
Artist-related Promotions
Nexon released a patch on June 3rd, 2008 that introduced an artist spotlight promotion which featured songs, including recent releases by Natasha Bedingfield, along with modified stages which have various portraits of the pop diva. There is also a special Battle Party occasion when players can dance with Natasha Bedingfield replacing the chosen Battle Party NPC. There has been notice of negative feedback from the players about this patch, and as a result the game masters have provided a thread in the Nexon Audition forum on receiving opinions from the players on what Nexon should do in future patches.As Nexon continues patching Audition on a regular basis, they also change the artist spotlight promotions.
Fans complain over poor performance of Audition Southeast Asia
A handful of players from Asiasoft's (Audition South East Asia's distributor) official forum, Playpark, have been complaining about the poor performance of Asiasoft. Concerns included the game not going without a patch since late April 2008, and of the increasing occurrence of server-side lag spikes which has caused Asiasoft to bring the game down for maintenance many times.
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