Mabinogi 015

Exsample of Combat(Japanese version)

The combat system has a tactical side to it. Predicting the enemy's next move and making use of different offensive and defensive skills is crucial. However, the game features an automatic combat mode if the player wishes to choose this option. Enemies have different ranks and come in all sorts of species, some of them being very large in size. The player can usually see the strength of the enemy before attacking it by pressing the Alt key. Some monsters are aggressive and will attack and pursue on sight. The high artificial intelligence of the enemies makes combat more engaging and reduces the existence of bots.

Dying causes a loss of experience points (depending on whether the player respawns in a town or on the same spot the death occurred) and sometimes the loss of equipment (these lost items can be retrieved at a lost and found NPC, but at a cost, usually, half of the item's actual price). Fallen players can be revived if another player uses a Phoenix Feather on them. If the player has purchased the Nao Support package, then Nao can be summoned to revive the player. If the player has zero experience points and suffers a death penalty, negative experience points will accumulate and the experience bar will turn red on the Character panel, instead of losing a level.button_bold.png