There are several dungeons in Mabinogi. When a player enters a dungeon, they will find a lobby with a statue of a goddess, and a platform before it. A separate dungeon instance is created for every unique type of item thrown on the platform (this way, the dungeon maps are randomized).

Incidentally, depending on what the player drops, they might end up in a dungeon instance with players already in it. However, that does not affect the use of Evil Passes, which will create a harder dungeon compared to other items. Evil

Mabinogi giant spider boss

Spider in the easiest Dungeon

Passes are available as drops from normal dungeons. Beginner passes, which create easier versions of dungeons, are only available to select dungeons.

Dungeons maps consist of rooms and corridors of the same size connected to each other. Along the way, the player will encounter chests or other devices which will, if opened or activated, summon monsters that must be defeated in order to progress in the dungeon path (keys that unlock dungeon doors must also be found this way). At the end of each dungeon, there is a room four times as large as the regular ones, dubbed the "boss room", which will usually have the boss enemy of the dungeon (sometimes escorted by a number of other enemies).

Once the boss(and any other monsters in the Boss Room) is defeated, a small room will be opened, inside of which there will be several treasure chests and a statue of the goddess to allow players to warp back to the entrance. The number of treasure chests inside the treasury will be equal to the number of characters in the dungeon (at the time of opening the door). Players can thus explore the dungeons in teams.

When a player is killed inside a dungeon and if they cannot wait for rescue, they can choose to be revived at one of three possible locations: in a town, at the previous dungeon statue, using a Nao revive (limited and available only to subscribers of the Nao Support or Fantasy Life packages), or at the dungeon lobby. If the player revives at the previous statue, they might pick up their dungeon progress where they left off, that is, the chests they have opened and the monsters they have already killed will not be reset. However, there is a big penalty for this and their status (health, mana and stamina) will not be reset either. If the player decides to revive at the dungeon lobby there is a lesser penalty and a new item must be dropped to enter the dungeon again (in which case, a new dungeon instance will be created unless the player dropped a second copy of the item that was used to create the dungeon). If the player uses a Nao revive, they will be revived on the spot with full hitpoints and fully blessed equipment with minimal experience loss. Bold text