There is a wide range of Life skills which give the player the chance to experience a different side of the “fantasy life”. Players can perform tasks such as tending to the wheat and potato fields, making flour, gathering wool from sheep and eggs from hens, weaving and making garments, mining for minerals and crafting weapons, playing and composing music, cooking dishes, etc.

Using a system called Music Markup Language (actually a variation of Music Macro Language), players may compose their own arrangements or use music scrolls created by other players. In the North American version, this is simply known as the "Compose" And "Play Music" skills. Different musical instruments, such as lutes, ukuleles, flutes, and other handheld instruments can be used to play these compositions in-game. Naturally, there are legal implications of playing copyrighted music, and while Nexon officially discourages such actions, there are many players who choose to do so.

NPC interaction is very important in the game. As the player talks to different non-player characters, keywords will become available to use in dialog with other NPC's. These conversations will reveal plot points and NPC backgrounds, unlock quests or skills, etc. NPC's also offer a variety of services such as shops, item repair and upgrade, skill apprenticeships and more. Players can also request arbeits from some of the NPC's, which can be useful to get items or quickly earn some gold (the in-game currency). By interacting frequently with the NPC's, they will be able to remember the player's character.