Magbinogi Heroes
Publisher(s) Nexon
Engine Source engine
Released NA Not Released
EU Srping 2008
Genre(s) MMORPG
Ratings None yet
Platform(s) Windows(98/ME/2K/XP/Vista)
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse

"Mabinogi Heroes" was announced in April, a teaser site for it has been opened and it is currently being developed by the Devcat studio. The game's genre (like the original) is an action role playing game that has improved graphics over Mabinogi.Both games have the same world stories, though there are style and gameplay differences.

Devcat studio chose Valve Corporation's Source engine and has modified many things to optimize the performance of Mabinogi Heroes. due to this method Mabinogi Heroes has materialized a high level of hitting sensibility, it will provide an interactive physical action environment that is considered impossible in an online game.

In the background the natural features/items (like signs, trees) are breakable during battle. The player may pick broken fragments of items and use them as a weapon. There are many sub-weapons ready to make a battle realistic. You can throw a spear to stop an enemy from coming at you, hold your enemy on the wall or on the floor, and you are allowed to work with your teammates to perform actions such as using a chain with your allies to seize a gigantic monster's legs, making it collapse.

This game will be released in 2008 around spring or summer, though it may be delayed. Mabinogi Heroes will have a playable demo version and a promotional video will be shown to the public on the South Korean Game show "Gstar 2007". "Korean game website", Nexon.