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AsiaSoft Logo

AsiaSoft is an online game operator in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. Its headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand. AsiaSoft was founded in Thailand in 2001 with the primary objective of providing games and promoting online content in Thailand. AsiaSoft’s core business covers the publishing of Online Massive Multiplayer Games, Multiplayer Online Games, co-publishing and development of new products.

AsiaSoft works very closely leading Asian world-class game operators and developers located in Bangkok with presence in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Click here to for more...)

Featured Collaboration

Sugar Rush is a Closed Beta game by Nexon. Currently only certin players have been selected for Closed beta, but in the eyes of sneak-peekers you can easily find Gameplay at various sites of Youtube. Sugar Rush was developed in Vancouver.It has completed it's first round of closed beta testing, and any news on open beta or the game release has not been clarified yet. Though many fans speculate it will come out near the end of July and around the middle of August. Also, it is the first game made by Nexon America.

The World
  • Monsters – The inhabitants of the worlds, with fully animated pictures!
    • Locations – Explaining the different continents, towns, and more!
    • Maps – Not sure where something is located? Look it up here!
    • Quests – Adventures after adventures.
  • Quests – Adventures after adventures
  • Exchange Quest – Where you can exchange items for potions, giving and getting
  • Shops – Places to spend your mesos
  • List of NPCs – Full list of NPCs and where to find them.
The Character
The Arts
  • Combat – Attacks, blocking, and dodging
  • Magic – All things magic including, magical items, stones, and scrolls
    • Alchemy – What is it and how it works
    • Enchanting – Enchanting weapons and recharging enchanted items

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