Melee are designed for close combat. It is mainly used for improving speed and attacking enemies by surprise.

Counter-Strike OnlineEdit

Seal KnifeEdit

Main article: Seal Knife.

The default weapon for Counter-Strike Online and it is only used by male characters. It does not affect speed and has low damage and high rate of slash.

Cold SteelEdit

Main article: Cold Steel.

The default weapon for female characters. It shares the same performance as the Seal Knife.

Hunting DaggerEdit

Main article: Hunting Dagger.

A new weapon introduced in Counter-Strike Online. It is purchasable by game points and usable for limited time only. It is an improved version of the Seal Knife. It does slightly higher damage than the Seal Knife.

Butterfly KnifeEdit

Main article: Butterfly Knife.

It is also known as Balisong in real life. It is purchasable only by cash points and usable for limited time only. It does lower damage but it has higher rate of slash compared to the Seal Knife. It deals critical damage if performed backstab.


Parang cso
Main article: Parang.

Parang is only purchasable by cash points. The sale of this weapon can be either bought for limited time or permanently. It does higher damage but it has lower rate of slash than the Seal Knife. It is the most used melee in Counter-Strike Online.


Katana cso
Main article: Katana.

Katana has the same rate of slash as Seal Knife. It does slightly higher damage but there are disadvantages added to this weapon. Short delay if primary attack missed a target. Secondary attack has the lowest range out of all melee weapons. However, katana has a chance to do instant kill.