FANDOM December Patch Information

The patch Happy Holidays Maplers! Version 0.63 is here so get ready for the last patch of the year!

We have tons of Holiday events, web events as well as a new map called Magatia! So many events to choose from you won't know where to begin!


Prepare for a journey into a world of magic, mechanical monstrosities and mischief! Located in the Nihal Desert, the town Magatia revolves around two societies, Alcadno and Zenumist. You will run into strange creatures, strange items, exciting new quests, and secrets of the Maple World. Inquisitive minds are invited to uncover the truth about the town, and what connections lie beneath the surface to other regions of the Maple World! Bring your friends and explore this the dark side of science together! To get to Magatia, go North of Ariant and take the Sunset Road all the way down

Game Updates

Happyville Come on down south to Happyville! We turned Happyville into a festive holiday showcase! Experience the joyous city only in MapleStory!

Just for the holidays we will be having a 2x EXP and 2x Drop event beginning December 17th ~ January 4th. Check out for the complete schedule!

Christmas Sock Mobs Christmas Socks might look cute and pretty, but aren?t always nice! These mobs will appear at random maps every 2 hours, so watch out!

Gift Function has been changed so that you can gift to multiple friends at once

New Pet! Check out the new Crystal Rudolph Pet! It transforms into a beautiful reindeer with a command and has cute animations! Only in the cash shop for a limited time!

EXP Gachapon ends soon. Please be sure to use your Exp Gachapon Tickets (Writs of Solomon, related items) by December 30th, 2008. Due to a new system scheduled for early 2009, these cards will no longer be usable after this date.

New Holiday Events!

Maplemas vs. Versalmas! Little Suzy's Dilemma The Spirit of Maplemas A Versal Tradition A Verry Merry Maplemas Happy Versalmas to you Grubber's Holiday Grudge Festival of Lights- Building the Altar

GM Event Day of Darkness (12.23.2008) All Day GM?s will be spreading holiday cheer by summoning mobs just for you! We know how much you love this event so don?t miss out!

Cash Shop New Rudolph Pet Tons of Holiday Items 5 New holiday items designed by our very own users!

3-Day & 10-Day Cash Shop Items For one week only, the Cash Shop will be carrying 3-day and 10-day items at a much cheaper price. Now, you can try out different outfits before buying them at regular price!

All Gachapon has been updated with new items! Check for more details!